Free Slot Games- Mister Money

Slots have been entertaining players for ages now and they still continue to be a casino favorite even after all these years. There is something mesmerizing about the spinning reels, the classic cherry and bell symbols and the heady music that accompanies it all. What more can you ask for when the same excitement and the music is brought to you right at your doorstep by online casinos? An increasing number of players today prefer playing slots on the internet since it is much more convenient for them. We bring you something even more special with our free slot games. You can enjoy a wide range of slot games, classic as well as unique games without having to pay anything at all. This is a chance that no player should miss!

Mister Money

Mister Money is the ideal name for a free slots game. Mister Money is all about millionaires, private jets, gold and a lot of cash! The symbols on the reels are apt and perfect for the game theme. The five reels depict interesting symbols such as gold necklace, cash stacks, fancy cars and bags full of money! Spin the reels and try to match up the symbols to watch your bankroll piling up equally high. If you are lucky you may win bags full of play money when you hit the jackpot!

How to play Mister Money

Those who play slots on the internet often will find Mister Money very easy. When you play this free slots game the first thing that you will have to do is to decide the number of pay lines you want to play and the betting amount for these lines. You can easily adjust your bet size using the Bet button up and down arrow keys to make the adjustments. The bet size will automatically be reflected as you make changes, above the five reels. The maximum amount you can bet for each spin is $100 or it can be as low as $0.01 to extend your gaming session as long as you want.

You can also decide how many pay lines to play. You can use the Lines selector up and down arrow keys. You can also use another simple method to change the number of pay lines to bet on. Click on the numbers listed on the side of the game to select the pay lines you wish to play.


Even if you are not playing for real money, winning the jackpot is very exciting. In Mister Money free slots game you will find a progressive jackpot that continues to grow until somebody hits it. Winning a jackpot will lead to exciting sound effects and a glittering visual effect. Your bankroll that you can use in order to get closer to that jackpot is shown on the top left of your screen at all times.